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We manage the overall M&A transaction from beginning to end. We specify all steps to be taken by our clients and advise them on the best choices at each step. We coordinate the team of advisers CONTACT OF POTENTIAL ACQUIRERS OR STRATEGIC INVESTORS

We contact potential acquirers or strategic investors on behalf of sellers of businesses. We secure acquirers or investors who are keen to invest in the business for sale. (lawyers, accountants, client’s internal team …) so as to achieve the best outcome for the transaction.

Partner Search

When investing in high growth economies, a common entry strategy is to work together with a local partner. The choice of partner determines the success or failure of the venture. We provide professional expertise in choosing the optimal local partner, matching mutual business needs and goals.

Our services in this area include:

Longlisting of potential partners

Shortlisting of potential partners

Organizing company visits

Negotiation support

Advice on the cooperation structure

Local due diligence

Selection of local experts for due diligence, legal counsel and other specialized local aspects of the transaction

- Identification and selection of potential M&A targets


- Assessment of potential targets

- Valuation

                Purchase Price Allocation

                International Business Combinations

                Goodwill and Intangible Asset Impairment

                Intellectual Property Valuation

                Derivatives Valuation and Share-Based Compensation

                Fresh Start Accounting

                Impairment of Long-Lived Assets

                Real Estate Services

                Machinery and Equipment Services

                Fixed Asset Management Services

                Strategic Value Advisory


Disputes and Investigations

                Intellectual Property Disputes

                Commercial and Shareholder Disputes

                Fraud, Forensic and Investigative Services

                Bankruptcy Litigation

                Forensic Technology and Analytics

                Business Insurance Consulting

                M&A Purchase Price Disputes and Arbitration

                Monitoring Trustee Services (if any)


We can first approach the potential other party in an M&A transaction without revealing our client’s name. We are skilled in approaching the other party and convincing them to participate in the M&A process with our client.


We help parties with all steps of the due diligence, which is a thorough investigation of the acquired company’s affairs.


With the lawyers, accountants and tax advisers working for our clients, we devise the optimal structure for the M&A transaction from a combined business, legal, tax and accounting point of view.



We perform comprehensive valuations of target businesses to give sellers a clear idea as to their value.


We assist our clients with every steps of the negotiation of M&A transactions, from the initial confidentiality agreement all the way to the negotiations of the final legal documents. We work closely with the client’s internal or external lawyers to ensure that the commercial agreement is appropriately reflected in the transaction’s legal documentation.

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